Why Buy a Totillow a “Sleep Posture Solution Pillow?”



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   Please take a few moments understand the nature of our posture pillow.


This pillow is a “new design” , and a  “new way to use” bed/ sleep posture pillow!!!  


1) Remember this pillow is different in design AND how it is designed to be used.

            2) Our pillow is a “posture pillow” that one conforms for themselves so they find “their ideal” neck, shoulder and head position for comfort. Improved comfort usually means better sleep.

                        3) This “ideal position”, is individual to you! Don’t let your pre-formed specialty or traditional pillow that just lies flat on the bed, limit your sleeping positions or your comfort as you move through out the night.



Change the Totillow’s pillow position to suit your “ideal” comfort needs as you change your sleep positions throughout the night!      


A new way to use a pillow. You bet it is!!!!



The Totillow pillow is designed for many ages and contour of sleepers but most sleepers are without pain and can sleep on most anything. Lets face it. To be young and one without pain again!



See this video for those with shoulder pain…Sleep on you side with your arm and shoulder high and underneath the pillow for comfort. See second video on the page for side sleep position, side with arm under the pillow and over the head, and the side back position.



….a combination of other sleep products, such as medications, herbs, or salves for sore muscles may help those with “special needs” but our pillow may play an integral role in your search for deep, restful sleep.





Ergonomic head and neck position suggested by Dr Lee Parimuha DC…..

“No matter the posture you choose to sleep in, maintain your ears and head, back and inline with your shoulders. Your nose is centered over your sternum/chest bone. This relationship between your head, neck, bed surface and pillow may give you more neck and shoulder comfort and better sleep then you have had in years.”



Finally dear reader, Read our blogs “Pillows for Baby Boomers” Part 1,    2,  for side and stomach sleepers.


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Features of the Totillow Pillow


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Totillow to the CompetitionThe Totillow is the only pillow that combines all these features into a single pillow:


  • Ultra-Adjustable, Customizable/ Interactive
  • Unique Shape… due to its unique shape and the fact that you can change the pillow position in various ways to customize it so it perfectly supports and snuggles your head in comfort. ie: (Tilt up off the bed and into the nape of the neck)
  • Middle Compartment fill can also be adjusted (zippered) for your comfort.
  • Optimized for Side Sleeping and Stomach sleepers.
  • May Decrease Chronic Neck, Shoulder Pain and Headache. Many have found comfort with these conditions. See Testimonials
  • Apnea and Snoring Issues Addressed…sleep on your side again! See video above about using this pillow for shoulder pain.
  • Travel Size, Ideal for Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • Portable, Fits in many larger suitcases easily with room to spare.
  • Light Weight, Just 3.1 pounds in the hypoallergenic version.
  • Machine Wash and Dry able
  • Flexible, multifaceted sleeping surfaces
  • Ease of Care, Fluff up the Totillow as you would a Down pillow
  • Hypoallergenic Version/Down Like Synthetic