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When trying to find a travel pillow the most important element is to be comfortable while sleeping in a cramped airplane. However, is there something more important than just comfort? Is it possible to experience more than just comfort? Should we seek a travel pillow that provides us with support and maintains proper alignment of our body so that do not wake up stiff or sore? Good posture even as we sleep is so important it can’t be understated.
There’s a wide range of travel pillows on the market today. Almost all of us have seen the donut shaped pillows. Some have beans, foam, buckwheat, or other such fill. It is time to look beyond the donut. Firstly, the donut may be economical in shape and easy to transport but it has very limited functionality. Second, the donuts do not provide the essential support required. The struggle with maintaining comfort and still ensuring that we do not have severe neck or back pain at the end of our travel can be difficult.

Totillow Deep Sleep Pillow

Upright Sleeping Posture

Sleeping while sitting upright has its challenges. It certainly is not an optimal position for keeping the back and neck aligned correctly. The travel pillow needs to have sufficient mass and be customizable to your particular body needs. Special requirements include physical space constraints, firmness, support, and positioning.

As most know there’s also many impractical solutions to travel sleep support. Carrying heavy or large sleep support items isn’t going to work. After all, why go that route when there’s a single travel pillow that can do the trick.

Travel Pillow – Beyond the Plane, Train, or Automobile

Why should a travel pillow be ONLY useful on a airplane? Wouldn’t you like a travel pillow that extends into the bed during your travels? It only makes sense. Not only that, it’s way more hygenic.Right now travelers that have a donut travel pillow keep it in the suitcase and a then sleep each night with a hotel pillow. Of course there are additional requirements for our travel pillow to make it’s way to the bed. The flexible travel pillow would have to be of reasonable size as well as provide all the features we desire from the travel pillow. We’d have to make sure the pillow was compact enough for a plane as well as comfortable enough for the bedroom.

One Pillow – From Travel to the Bed

The Totillow pillow is not only a travel pillow that may be used anywhere. It may be the ultimate in high tech pillow design. Sleep experts are raving about the capabilities of the Totillow. Designed by a chiropractor and with years of clinical study behind it, the Totillow may be the absolute best pillow money can buy. The Totillow is flexible, customizable (you can add or remove fill as your needs require), supportive, therapeutic (helps promote proper sleep positions and body alignment), and its comfortable!

The beauty of the Totillow is its uses are flexible. Add and remove fill as needed. Machine wash and dry, low. You may find, like all those who have purchased the Totillow, that they no longer want the hassles of a traditional pillow gain.. Save money and get a single pillow that may help ALL your sleep needs.

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