Here’s What James O’Neil Has To Say…

…..the relief I’ve experienced is tremendous!

For many years now I’ve suffered severe back and neck pain. I would literally dread going to bed at night because of my neck pain. This is a condition I’ve had for a long time.

When I was single I had a pillow that was almost right. I couldn’t use any other pillow than that one without experiencing all-out pain. Sometime into the first year of my marriage my wife washed my pillow and it became a lumpy thing that I had to get rid of.

Since that time I have not been able to find anything that I could put under my head that eased the pain I felt when lying down. My wife came home from our chiropractor’s one day with a new pillow that Dr. Parimuha D.C. wanted her to try out. She let me try it one night and it was the first night in memory that I didn’t fall asleep trying to the searing pain in my neck.

A couple of weeks later I bought my own pillow from Dr. Parimuha DC and since then the relief I’ve experienced is tremendous.

Previously the pain in my neck would have best been described as if my head had been torn off and stuck on a spit.

Now it’s almost unnoticeable. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the normal neck pain I’ve had to sleep with for years, the pain I now have with the new pillow is one half of one percent!

James O’Neil



Best-Selling Author Finds Relief!

“I used to bunch my pillow up to sleep in the proper side position as taught me by a book I read from a brilliant doctor. But I’ve been fighting with different pillows for years until I finally found Dr. Lee Parimuha DC’s Totillow…wow! I don’t have to wake myself beating a pillow up every time I turn over! Thank you, Dr. Lee (Parimuha DC). I’ll be recommending your Totillow to all my age-reversal clients. Sleep is number one for staying young, and spinal alignment is right up there with it.”

Debbie Johnson
Author of Best-seller, Think Yourself Thin and Think Yourself Young.




“I know Dr. Lee, his pillow is like my old down pillow used to be, but as I turn and move at night I don’t have to fold and punch the Totillow as I had to do with my down pillow. Its already been done for me. Nice!”


Deo Hobbs., Realtor




Adjustable Totillow Helps Lower Back Disc Pain Sufferer

Dr. Lee (Parimuha DC),

Thank you for sending me one of your Totillow pillows. I am a “Side-Sleeper” (primarily due to a lower back-bulging disk problem) and your contoured pillow is very comfortable. The firmness is also adjustable, so I removed some of the “down fill” to make it softer.

I would recommend this pillow to everyone (not just those with neck & back problems).

Alan Radford
Eureka, CA

Great Pillow for the Plane 

Your pillow is great for my recent plane flight to Australia because of its size, and it is pliable, so it can fit into any space and still provide great head and neck support. In fact, I used it as a head rest when I was just sitting and reading or watching a movie. The airline pillows are puffs of air, and I never know how clean they are.

You see people carrying their every day pillows with them on these trips, and this pillow is more compact than those. I’ve used the memory foam pillows, and liked them, and also those stupid donut ones, and didn’t like those. I also used a gel one, and I did sort of like it, but if you slept on it for a long time, then you’d have to readjust it because the gel would eventually separate and it would be me and the window. Your pillow never shifted or lost it’s firmness.

Denise Naughton, Colorado Springs, Co.



My Headaches Are Gone!

Dr. Lee (Parimuha DC) your adjustment pillow stopped the headaches and broken sleep that I have had for many years. I have been plagued by headaches of different kinds and severity since childhood, usually triggered by stress, hypoglycemia (not eating enough), and digestive problems. I have gotten those under control, but in the past year, my headaches would start in the middle of the night and stay with me for several days. After talking with Dr. Lee (Parimuha DC), I found out that my sleep position from the last few years (on my back with head tilted to the side) could be the cause. I had tried many kinds of pillows, all to no avail. I tried Totillow and the first night slept for 5-6 hours straight in a deep sleep. This was a rare treat given my past 15 years with kids in the house. After using the Totillow for several weeks, I had another bout of headaches. Dr. Lee (Parimuha DC)did one adjustment and I have been headache-free since then. I don’t even THINK about headaches anymore. What a gift! Thanks, Dr. Lee (Parimuha DC).

Laura Arndt
Middle School Teacher



Another Chiropractor Agrees – “Best Pillow”

The Totillow is the best pillow I’ve ever slept on. It’s the only pillow I’ve ever used that has so many ways to adjust it to your own comfort. My patient’s buy one and within a few days come back to buy the Totillow for everyone in their family. I think that this pillow will be the number one pillow on the market soon.

Douglas Mosher DC


Joe’s Morning Neck Pain is Gone


I’ve been very satisfied with it, especially the way I can elevate or lower my head by positioning the pillow. My morning neck pain is a thing of the past. It’s really hard to find a pillow that fits like this.

Love and blessings,


Here’s What a Retired School Teacher Thinks of Totillow Pillows!


I immediately found, for me, that the Totillow provides a sweet spot, that no other pillow has done for me, in the past. The wedge feature primarily, enables my head to remain on the pillow, yet allows my ear, left or right, to remain uncovered, this eliminates the metronome of a beating pulse in the ear(s) that usually delays onset of my sleep. And this is why I claim it as “my pillow”! I like that I can just toss it into the washing machine and dryer to keep it clean. I am extremely pleased with my Totillow.

Thank you.
JD 84 yrs



Social Network Architect Worker Scott Degraffenreid


I never realized how much work I was doing in my sleep until I tried your pillow! I’m sleeping much more soundly now, waking up refreshed and without any stiffness or aches. I’ve always made fun of people who have to have their “special pillow” when traveling but I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere overnight without it. Thanks!!!


New Found Sleep for Donna Blandford

I love my Totillow. I have sinus drainage and allergies and so having my head at the right angles is very important to the quality of my sleep. I’ve tried many different kinds of pillows for my sleeping challenges but the Totillow is the answer to my “dreams!”; I can’t believe how I can sleep on my side, my back or my stomach and be comfortable on this pillow. I take it with me when I travel because it’s perfect for me!

Warmest Regards,
Donna Blandford


Skeptic Won Over By Totillow

About three years ago Dr. Parimuha DC talked to me about his Totillow pillow. At first I was very skeptical wondering how a pillow could help provide a better nights sleep. However, once I adjusted the Totillow I found that it supported my head and neck perfectly, eliminating all muscle strain in my neck. It felt like a comfortable glove was holding my head while I slept. A second benefit that I unexpectedly found with this pillow is that it improves my breathing during the night. I have my pillow adjusted so that it supports my head and neck in a position that opens my air passages and I breathe easier.

I continue to sleep with the Totillow three plus years later and appreciate how well I sleep with it now as I did when I first received it.

Thanks, Bruce



Totillow – The Traveling Pillow


My husband and I love our Totillows. My sleep is deeper and more restful. We even take our pillows with us when we travel, since they are smaller and easy to pack.

Terri Engel



No More Morning Stiffness and Headaches!


I ordered a Totillow for myself on Feb. 19, 2010 after trying many different kinds of pillows that just didn’t work for me. I would often wake up with a stiff neck, headache and sore shoulder. After receiving my Totillow and adjusting the filling, I have been very pleased with my new pillow! It really seems to have cured my morning stiffness and headaches. In fact, I am so pleased with it that I am now ordering one for my son who also has a problem with waking up with a stiff neck, so I am hoping that the Totillow will also help him.

Thank You!

J. F.
Granger, Indiana
Baby Boomer, Housewife & Gardener



Remember Your Totillow – Forget Your Headaches

Dear Dr. Lee (Parimuha DC),

I suffered from morning headaches for years and this past year 2008 I decided to get some kind of diagnosis. I went to an MD and found that I had some tight areas and trigger points that were bothering the neck, shoulder and right temporal area.

I went to physical therapy and also Googled’ pillows for stomach sleepers’ and found a video on Totillow and ordered it and started using it immediately, my headaches stopped in one week, I followed the instructions for keeping the neck and
head aligned.

I am so thrilled with the pillow!! I have come to a warmer climate for the winter and forgot my Totillow and my headaches returned in 2 weeks because of sleeping on a normal down pillow. I went back to your website and got another pillow for winter and again my headaches are gone.

Thank you,

Irene Ryan Maloney


Doctor recommended again!!!
“I’ve recommended it to a number of my colleagues and co-workers!”
“The pillow has been fantastic. I feel secure on my side and has just the right amount of padding. I’ve had deeper sleeps then I’ve had with other pillows. I’ve recommended the pillow to many of my patients who are side sleepers and suffer from c-spine pain. I’ve also mentioned it to a number of colleagues and co-workers.”

Dr. Devon Ackroyd, BA(Hon), DC, CSCS, d.Ac, CKTP
Active Release Technique Provider
Medical Acupuncture Provider
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Great for snoring!
As I change positions throughout the night I am not awakened by the need to rearrange my pillow… Seems like it may also be helping my (SO) find comfort and NOT snore as much!


Thank you! Celeste C., Montana



Helped me sleep well at night with no residual neck pain the next morning night!
“I have used the side sleeper pillow for several months and I am very satisfied with the results. I have chronic back and neck problems, but using this pillow has helped me to sleep well at night with no residual back or neck pain the next morning.”

Richard S Erbe




My neck is comfortably cradled at the correct height!


“I don’t like the Totillow Pillow. I LOVE the Totillow Pillow. I have fussed with, pummeled, and fought with my pillows for over twenty years. As soon as I lay my head down on my new Totillow I knew I was in love. My neck was comfortably cradled at the correct height and angle and my neck then self-adjusted/cracked itself. I actually look forward to going to bed now because of my deeper, more restful sleep I will be taking my Totillow with me whenever I travel.”
- John Scevola




Great pillow for a sore shoulder too!


I ordered a Totillow for myself  on Feb. 19, 2010 after trying many different kinds of pillows that just didn’t work for me.  I would often wake up with a stiff neck, headache and sore shoulder.  After receiving my Totillow and adjusting the filling, I have been very pleased with my new pillow!  It really seems to have cured my morning stiffness and headaches.  In fact, I am so pleased with it that I am now ordering one for my son who also has a problem with waking up with a stiff neck, so I am hoping that the Totillow will also help him.
Thank You!   Joyce Fletcher

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