Part 1 Pillows and Sleep Postures for Baby Boomers: You know who you are!

By Dr. Lee Parimuha, DC

Part 1: Side Sleep Posture Positions.

As we age we have special needs. We take care of our body until we are 40, then we take care of it. Our hormones have dropped precipitously and now we don’t heal like we used to. Need I go on? Younger bodies can sleep most anywhere, not only do boomers have their routine before bed but, to have healthy deep sleep, many require different shaped bed pillows for comfort and support in the side sleeping position.

I recommend finding your favorite side. Many have found this position naturally and have been falling asleep in this one position for many years. By naturally I mean, “in this position I feel more comfort and less irritation or pain over time.” Continue reading

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