Sleep Tips

Besides understanding sleep postures and how they can help or hinder sleep, try using these simple ideas to improve your sleep.


Eat enough at dinner (4 hours before bedtime) to insure that you won’t be hungry at bedtime. Limit intake after dinner to water and, if necessary, a piece of fruit of other light food. Stay away from anything containing caffeine in the evening.

Write It Down & Let It Go and Be Grateful

1) Release the thoughts that are occupying your mind by writing them down. Make a list and let it go.

2) Also, list things and relationships you are grateful for. Keep notebook of what you are grateful for. Start with the letter A and go as far in the alphabet as you can each night to help you remember what you are grateful for.

TV & Music & Computer

Avoid watching or listening to those TV ads that create a craving for food. Instead of stimulating TV and TV ads you might try listening to calming music or reading a relaxing book. Late night computer use also should be avoided.

Flex Then Relax

While lying in bed, go through your major muscle groups and flex and then relax the muscles in each area. That can include legs, abdomen, chest/shoulders/back, arms/fists, and then face.

Toe to Head Review

Start at your toes and relax the muscles moving your attention next to your calves, then thighs, and so forth all the way to your face. Consciously relax every muscle in your body.

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