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Totillow Deep Sleep PillowDr. Lee Parimuha, DC, has been a health care professional and sleep posture aware since the early 80′s. He has worked in hospitals, participating in committees chronicling the use abuse medications and possible therapies for chronic pain. Dr. Parimuha DC , through his years in practice, discovered how pain influences our quality and duration of deep, restorative sleep leading him to discover, quite by accident, the role of sleep postures and the under lying principle that supports a utility patent for the posture pillow we have named Totillow.

“As a health care professional for more than 30 years and a Non-Force chiropractor for more than half that time, I have come to regard sleep and good posture/ergonomics as one of the most important parts of a healthy, harmonized body and soul. For too many people, though, sleep is an overlooked and neglected part of the body’s vital self-healing process.

Sleep can make or break the human psyche, decreasing one’s innate vitality and increasing susceptibility for dis-ease and illness, and can even affect a person’s morale for better or worse. It’s almost impossible to overestimate how important sleep is in our lives.

My desire to help my patients and others to effectively deal with their sleep issues and encourage their bodies’ own self-healing processes that led me to design the Totillow pillow. Here’s how it works for you: No matter which position you lay — be it on your side, stomach or combinations of those positions — the Totillow may provide the best supportive surface to keep your head, neck and shoulders in proper alignment.”


When sleeping, proper alignment helps to lessen the rotation at the head and neck and may help relieve the tension on the muscles and ligaments (especially on the neck and lower back), These are the typical sources of most discomfort or pain during sleep. And the best part is that you can still breathe naturally and easily, allowing for a deeper sleep. Sleep helps to restore balance to the “problem areas” of your body. This is especially important when trying to sleep on your stomach.

I have found in the women and men I have treated, the body has an innate need, one could even say a primal desire for balance. This need is to heal itself of all pain and to always function in a high state of wellness. Sleep helps the body fill that need and the Totillow, posture pillow may aid you in getting the sleep your body requires. With better sleep you may obtain and restore the balance of life energy which is critical to a healthy, whole person.

Thank you for considering the Totillow – Deep Sleep Posture Pillow. May this simple principle of finding and using better sleep posture suggested at  “Deep Sleep Solutions” add countless hours of life-renewing sleep, healing and harmony to both body and soul.

Lee Parimuha, Doctor of Chiropractic
Lakewood, Colorado

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