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Sleep Apnea has become a more commonly understood health issue. The essence of sleep apnea is the lapse of breathing while asleep and is usually associated with snoring and sleeping on your back. There are several types of sleep apnea. Both types affect your whole mind and body health, leading to many expensive and invasive health interventions. These interventions include drugs, surgery. Specially designed masks feed needed oxygen to an oxygen starved brain while you sleep. Sleep apnea leads to more and increasing health concerns.

Prevention is the key. Prevention, and ways to minimize the effect of snoring and the further development of sleep apnea may be as simple as sleeping on your side.

Studies show many back sleepers are gravely affected by sleep apnea. The back sleeping position can be the ultimate “fall back position” for many with sleep apnea because of pain in the shoulder, neck and back pain. Once the back lying position becomes the primary position for sleep, the soft palate begins to fall due to gravity. The more the soft palate falls due to back sleeping, the more the air is restricted and the louder the snoring, leading many to sleep apnea.Sleep Apnea

alt=Actually a simple key to prevention for sleep apnea is sleeping on your side. It has been well documented in many sleep studies and scientists that side sleeping goes a long way to prevent sleep apnea. But, how do you stay in the proper sleep position if body pain forces you on your back?

Using off the shelf pillows certainly may not keep you in the proper sleep position. Flat pillows have to be folded, bent, punched up, etc. They won’t stay in the required position. There may be a preventative step to the sleep apnea back lying position. It just may be the Totillow pillow and its unique design and use.

The Totillow may help prevent sleep apnea by customizing to your side sleeping needs. It is designed to deal with the special needs of those with sleep apnea with its structured and wedge shaped design. In fact the Totillow may keep you stay in the side position longer and stay off your back.

You may not need to cause others to suffer from your snoring. Sleep on your side more. and avoid sleeping on your back snoring your way to greater problems. Many find relief from aches and pains by using the Totillow pillow. Stay on your side while sleeping and avoid many of the reasons for snoring and sleep apnea.

The Totillow is simply a customizable, supportive, and for many, a comfortable pillow, at an affordable price. Don’t let snoring and sleep apnea control your life. Get a Totillow now. It may help you experience improved sleep with less pain.

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