This May Be the Best Side Sleeper Pillow

Side sleeping may be the optimal sleep position because snoring is minimized and the chances of developing sleep apnea is reduced. The side sleep position allows for the best alignment of your head and neck (assuming you have the correct side sleeper pillow for you ). It took years of research but we have perfected, what may be, the best side sleeper pillow.

The Totillow Side Sleeper Pillow helps ensures correct posture and alignment. There’s no propping, bending, punching and/or folding of your pillow to get the support that’s needed. The Totillow eliminates much of the continual nightly struggle of pillow re-adjusting that disturbs a healthy and physiologically sound nights sleep.

The Totillow side sleeper pillow was designed after years of clinical research, study of spinal alignment, and with principles of ergonomics. Finally a side sleeper pillow that is specifically designed to maximize your comfort and support.

Take advantage of years of clinical experience which led to the 100% customizable Totillow side sleeper pillow

alt=The Totillow side sleeper pillow has the following features to maximize your sleeping experience:

    > Three separate compartments
    > Customizable center compartment for adding or removing “fill” (customize to your body’s needs)
    > A modest wedge shaped design providing critical angular structural support that adjustable
    > Side wings provide further support and customized comfort for stomach sleepers. No turning of the head so you can breath
    > A pivot area designed for conforming to the area between your shoulder and neck when sleeping on your side
    > The curved base allows side sleepers the ability to bring the pillow close to the body and fit well around the shoulder and/or head

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