Less Pain using a Better Sleep Posture!!

Is it the position you sleep in that increases pain? Does it wake you from a sound sleep?

 Yes I believe it is sleep positions/ postures we choose to sleep in that can increase or decrease pain!  The first interrupts our sleep and the second helps us be comfortable so sleep is improved.

 Sleep position= head and neck posture!! Whole body posture is very important for better sleep but more on this in our blog.

TRY THIS>>>While sleeping on your side try keeping your nose over the breast bone and ears centered over your shoulders. Imagine sitting at your desk. Your head is back, chest out and there is a gentle  foreword curve to your low back.  Get the picture?

Now your getting close to a better posture for your head and neck and shoulders while you sleep on your side!  Will it decrease your pain? It depends. It is a great way to start. alt=Physical pain effects our sleep and overall health. Improved sleep posture may help pain by decreasing muscle irritation and inflammation.

Pain and irritation is a complex issue. Here are two way to help understand the complexities we face.     Pain has a time element – it could be a recent onset or having been an ongoing problem over a longer period of time. With either acute or chronic pain we describe our pains from mild to severe. Some pain is described as burning and varying in intensity and frequency. Pain can cause sensations of pins and needles as achy and throbbing. Sometimes pain can radiate down an arm or into a hip and leg. Pain can come from muscle strains, trigger points, nerve irritation to name a few and the longer we have had a problem usually the more complex it is. Pain also has an emotional dimension. An emotional reaction to more severe, long lasting pain is almost unavoidable and can lead to depression. Pain can wear us down leading to exhaustion of our mental, emotional, and physical body. How we react to pain and how we cope are often learned from parents and family. Often times severe pain and our reaction to it is beyond our control. Seek additional help through medical or complimentary health care practitioners.

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Reduction of pain and emotional irritation may depend on how well we learn to harmonize our active times with the less active times we normally use for sleep. A body, mind, and spirit, in harmony and balance has more favorable outcomes when it comes to better health and wellness, without pain, but this is a topic is beyond the scope of this page.

Deeper Sleep & Pain Relief through Better Posture?

No matter the causes of pain we all search for relief, and respite. Posture may help. The ultimate respite time for each of us, no matter if we have garden-variety aches and pains or the more chronic multiple areas of pain, is the restoring, rejuvenating time of deep sleep. Most experts agree that, rich or poor, young or old we need 7-8 hours per night each and every night. It is critical that those in pain extract the healing properties of sleep. Yet pain often impairs our achieving the desired remedy but review our videos to see how you could use posture and our pillow to improve your comfort while you sleep. What else can someone in mild or even extreme pain do?

For moderate or extreme, severe acute or chronic pain, or lack of function, see my practice site for alternatives to pain medication and surgeries: Medications ans surgeries are important options and also good options when all other options have been tried.

Non-Force Chiropractic In Lakewood, Colorado.   Testimonials for non-force therapies here


The Totillow, Posture Pillow, By Deep Sleep Solutions may help relieve Pain!

A posture pillow may be the most critical, physical element to help one find deep, deep healthy sleep. Many individuals in pain, seek out new beds of various construction yet continue using conventional pillows. We have found that an expensive bed replacement may be avoided in some cases in lieu of a Totillow pillow purchase. The ability to adjust ones sleeping position and find a more correct ergonomic skeletal support may be absolutely critical to those experiencing pain.

The body normally compensates when experiencing pain, resulting in further swelling, muscle, skeletal distortion, and nerve stress. This is one of the many reasons why proper support is essential. The Totillow pillow was designed to balance the neck and head while sleeping on one’s side and stomach.

Our purpose, at Z Comfort Plus, is to teach the principles of proper sleep posture and how to achieve support, as well as comfort. The Totillow posture pillow for side and stomach sleepers, when used properly, helps maintain structural alignment with comfortable support.

Our Clinical Experience & The Totillow

At our clinic we used to provide a wide array of pillows to individuals experiencing pain but got feedback that they ended up with headaches or their shoulders would hurt. The pillows were too hard, too soft or were just too heavy. The manufactures made larger and smaller versions models to help the buyers of their products but very few, made them CUSTOMIZABLE and ADJUSTABLE to suit the individual’s need in side and stomach positions.

We knew the support of the head and the comfort of the neck are critical for sustaining deep sleep

but we found that this support and comfort had to come 

from a pillow that was adjustable by the sleeper, for the sleeper, while they slept!

Our patients needed help with their neck, shoulder or arm pain. We provided a very different pillow option then they were used to.

“I know Dr. Lee, his pillow is like my old down pillow used to be, but as I turn and move at night I don’t have to fold and punch the Totillow as I had to do with my down pillow. Its already been done for me. Nice!”


Deo Hobbs., Realtor

    Younger, middle age and baby boomers as well as older generations of individuals are often feeling pain, or discomfort and loosing sleep over it. The Totillow Pillow, may fit like a glove. By adjusting the tilt and angle of the pillow it may  help you relieve the pressure, irritations and pains in the neck, arm and shoulders, allowing comfort and improved sleep all night long. Check out the videos…if a picture tells a thousand words, what will our videos tell you?

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