Laminine Adaptogen

Check out this link for a PBS video, and other videos on Laminine.   The PBS video is the second video on the page.

Laminine is new food supplement that may help over all health. 


Which of these would you like to improve?

Brain, Function, Memory, Focus, Clarity, Sleep, Pain, Stress, Allergies, Depression, Libido, Emotional Health


A Medical Doctor friend of mine began Laminine 3 weeks before I talked to her and she said, ” I haven’t slept for 17 years but Since Laminine, I am now sleeping 6 hours a night.”  “Gina, This is truly wonderful .  6 full hours is a good start for sure”…. As we all know vibrant health must begin with deep sleep.”  

Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C.; CEO Z Comfort Plus LLC

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