alt=Insomnia is suffered by about 30% of the population. To think that nearly a third of individuals are sleep deprived is incredible. The effects of insomnia are terrible. Besides exhaustion, insomnia effects healing and cell regeneration. Insomniacs often take drugs to get the rest they need. To think that there are less detrimental sleep aids to remediate or even eliminate insomnia is amazing.

Often time’s insomnia is caused by physical issues as well as psychological. If both are at play it is difficult to address either. One of the keys is to obtaining sleep is resolving one of the elements. To achieve sleep an individual must be relaxed. There is no choice. To overcome insomnia the individual must obtain a degree of comfort. We have found that a pillow is absolutely critical in achieving physical comfort and support.

Many insomniacs try replacing their beds to gain some relief yet we have found that The Totillow Pillow may do what beds cannot achieve. The Totillow Pillow is not only designed for support to the head, neck and shoulders, it may customize to your individual needs. Insomniacs, like those suffering physical pain, need maximum comfort. Conventional pillows and many alternative pillows may not address all the demands of insomniacs.
Insomniac No More?

Insomnia may be due to a range of factors but by obtaining a secure and comfortable feeling regarding your pillow you can move yourself closer or even right into good restful, healing deep sleep. On this site we have various sleep tips that may be utilized for insomnia sufferers. Synergistic adoption of sleep techniques combined with the Totillow Pillow, may transport your lack of sleep into a time of healing and regeneration critical to physical, emotional, mental and a spiritually balanced life.




Shut down the distraction coming from pain, thoughts and worries. Write your cares and thoughts on paper before you lie down for sleep and take them up again the next day.


As we dream we can work out solutuions to our cares. Keep a dream journal by our bed with a small flashlight and take the time to record your dreams. Read the dream book offered here.


Try better sleep postures, herbs, ointments and devices found here at Totillow, Deep Sleep Solutions.


Order our uniquely engineered  music CD to quiet the constant chatter and relax the mind to that deep place where healing can begin.

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