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Foam pillows have made their presence known in a big way. Is foam, (space age foam) a sleep fad or a sleep solution? For some it is truly a sleep solution but can it help everyone. No pillow is right for everyone. That being said, what are the up and down sides of a foam pillow? In developing the Totillow we considered all materials and early on but eliminated the concept of making a foam pillow.

When you research foam or a foam pillow you find a variety of problems that make it unsuitable as a viable sleep solution. Here’s just a few of the issues we found:

Foam Pillow Issues:

Totillow Deep Sleep Pillow Solutions

  • The sleeper cannot adjust the quantity of material.
  • Foam is a heavy material and inconvenient for travel.
  • Foam gets hot. This is the number one compliant regarding foam mattresses. Foam traps heat and the most commonly used foam is Visco elastic foam. Visco elastic foam is much denser than conventional foam and thus accumulates more heat.
  • Foam reduces movement causing temperature build-up. Looking at bedding as an example, Tempur-Pedic Swedish foam mattresses reduce tossing and turning by up to 90%. Reduced movement in a pillow that naturally builds up temperature makes the use of form a cause for concern.
  • Foam “molds” increase all contact surface area. This may seem good but given the absorption of body heat this turns out to be a very poor material for a pillow.
  • You cannot tilt the angel of a foam pillow to conform to the fit of the curve of the neck.
  • There’s no ability to bunch-up a foam pillow for various sleep positions (especially when sleeping on the stomach).
  • There are a variety of foam pillow material concerns such as: Foam retains manufacturing odors; Flame retardants; Chemical treatments
  • Foam breaks down over time. A foam pillow will not hold up to use. This has been shown in foam mattresses. Even high density visco foam wears down more quickly for larger individuals then with lighter ones.

So, as you can see, foam has some serious issues that can make it a poor selection for a comfortable, restful and supportive pillow.

In your hunt for the ultimate in pillow support and comfort, please consider all the characteristic of the Totillow pillow. It comes in a down synthetic, hypoallergenic poly silk and a wonderful down fill.

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Totillow Deep Sleep Pillow Solutions

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