Adjustable Fill Custom Posture Bed Pillow

There’s nothing better than a custom pillow for a fantastic sleep. Many custom pillows aren’t truly custom but more flexible. For example, they may allow for various amounts of firmness or different types of fill. For a custom pillow to truly be customizable it not only has to provide those features but also must have the right shape that is adjustable to your side or stomach sleep posture needs as well..

Conforming Pillow versus Custom Pillow

Conforming pillows may adjust or compress to your body, molding to your individual shape and may be supportive but this support varies with the positions you choose to sleep in. A custom pillow isn’t about conforming, it’s about providing the support and comfort needed to keep your body aligned properly allowing for your individual body requirements. Every individual is unique in terms of their body sleep needs especially when one moves about all night in bed. Collapsible material that conforms to the body may sound good but they just don’t meet the various demands of properly aligned sleep for every position you might choose to sleep in.



            The IDEAL head, neck and shoulder pillow should……

                                                                                                                   ……. be adjustable by you, for you, all night long!!!



Buying a pillow off the shelf certainly is an option.  As we age the one size fits all, whether foam or otherwise, may not meet your individual needs.  We need a custom pillow that can adjust to our needs as our weight changes, our body ages, as our physical requirements adjust.  We need a pillow we can adjust, customize for our bed surface as well.

What if you could find that perfect pillow that is comfortable and customizable to your individual needs? It would be soft yet firm, adjustable, supportive yet comfortable, promote proper spinal alignment and sleep position due to its unique design and most importantly customizable to your individual body. Oh, and one final important thing. The custom pillow would be reasonably priced.

Totillow Custom Pillow

After years of clinical research and study Dr. Lee Parimuha DC developed the Totillow custom posture pillow. This revolutionary custom pillow has a patented design and use features meeting all the core physical requirements and demands of ergonomic posture principles. When implemented by you for you, these principles, help you find proper support and comfort healthful healthful sleep all night long.


Unique Shape


*A breakthrough design…

*3 chamber fill compartments,

*two pivoting tips on the periphery a C shaped recession,

*and ability to add or remove fill makes the Totillow the gold standard for custom pillow innovation.

*It conforms to you rather than you conforming to it.


And benefits and special uses are….Get the Big Picture and all else will follow!


    > Ultra-Adjustable pillow to match your unique needs. ( A Wedged shaped pillow adjustable by you for you and your individual needs)
    > You Can Pivot the Pillow Position to Suit Your Needs all through the night (Side sleepers angle, tilt the narrow, tip side of the Totillow to comfort the neck just right!!!)
    > Customizable firmness and support (by adding and removing fill in the center compartment)
    > Stomach sleepers use the outer two compartments, side sleepers use the middle compartment!
    >  Side sleepers will marvel at how much this pillow will adjust to suit comfort and posture needs.  This wedge shaped pillow’s narrow side tilts up to comfort the neck, the wider side holds up the heavier head to also comfort the neck and shoulders.


Don’t delay, buy your own Totillow, adjustable, custom posture pillow now!



 Don’t wait.  Do it now!






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