Adjustable, Customizable Cervical Posture Pillow

For many individuals the lack of the proper cervical posture means the difference between a life of pain and a life of joy. Yet, there is no single cookie cutter solution because we are all individuals with different needs, and different body shapes. What is required is a customized posture pillow that provides proper head support and neck comfort that is individual to our needs.

Actually what we all share is a hard head that needs support and a flexible neck that needs comforting all night long! Shoulders too must be considered.







To sleep like a baby again!!!


Where can we find this balance? This balance of comfort and support in a pillow? Traditional pillows that lie flat on the bed may help but an adjustable, customized pillow may be better. Not a little better but maybe a lot better!



The cervical support pillow should be adjustable and adaptable. It must also be predictable and ensure proper support and comfort.


As Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C. has stated,

“Cervical support is a must, but of equal focus should be ‘cervical comfort’, and posture gained through individual positioning of one’s the head, neck and shoulders on or under a pillow.

The pillow must be designed to address each person as an individual.


With the proper posture pillow individualized for our needs, a pillow positioned by us as we sleep has the best hope of comfort all night long. We should instead be looking for comfort all night long as we move about during sleep.  Support the heavy bony head, comfort the neck and shoulder too with one pillow and its special uses.




By using a better, more proper, spinal alignment, posture when using this unique design pillow and you may find long lasting comfort , better sleep all night long.


Seeking proper spinal alignment; posture; means having your nose over your breastbone and ears , back and over your shoulders when sleeping.  This is one of the reasons why I developed the Totillow pillow. It may help you find better alignment and meet the needs of those with cervical challenges due to accident, injury, pain, disease, or other reasons.”



There’s probably nothing more important than a good nights sleep and experiencing neck pain can be absolutely debilitating. Ensuring relaxation and comfort as well as support can be a challenge with any kind of pillow. Various solutions, such as foam often go astray in their attempts to assist individuals suffering neck pain. If you move about, tossing and turning as you sleep that’s a sign that you should seek the assistance of a sleep professional and quite possibility the, utilized the customized nature of the Totillow, posture pillow.


Every ones needs are different. Results may vary. Please read our medical disclaimer.

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