Baby Nursing Pillow

A baby nursing pillow can make the challenge of addressing your infants needs and your own more enjoyable. There’s several choices when it comes to a baby nursing pillow but the main issue is comfort, flexibility, customization, and support. The market is dominated by baby nursing pillows that think that one size fits all. We know that isn’t true.
Finally there’s a customized solution that can fit you and your baby’s individual bodies and personal needs. We realize that every woman and child have a unique combination of position and body requirements. After all, a baby nursing pillow needs to accommodate you while laying down on your side attempting to sleep and still address nursing. How can one baby nursing pillow fill all those needs?Totillow Deep Sleep Pillow

The Totillow is designed for the flexibility that helps serve the special needs of baby nursing. You can easily adjust the fill in the Totillow to provide additional or less support in the center compartment to meet your individual needs. Finally there’s a baby nursing pillow that may help your arm support the baby position and may your needs for comfortable side sleeping position. Use Two Totillow pillows! One supports your arm, with baby in hand, and the other may comfort and support you head and neck just right. Use two pillows while sleeping and one pillow under the arm while nursing.

Easy to Maintain

The Totillow is designed for ease of use and maintenance. The Totillow’s content, ease of use, and ease of care are all combined and may be the ultimate in a baby nursing pillows. Toss it in the wash with medium heat tumble dry and quickly put it back to use.

Beyond the Baby Nursing Years

Don’t worry, the Totillow will continue to provide you years of service beyond the baby nursing years. The Totillow is designed as a full service, customizable and deep sleep pillow. Baby nursing pillow and more? You bet!

The Totillow is a designed by Dr. Lee Parimhua D.C. , a chiropractor. Hew has clinical experience since beginning practice in 1989 with all body types and has 3 children of his own. His wife, also a chiropractor, has first hand experience with the needs and demands of nursing baby. All three were breast fed to the age of three. Act today and ensure structural body health all through nursing.

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