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There are many bed pillows that claim a  “new design”  but there is only one bed pillow manufacturer claiming a  “new way to use”  bed/ pillow design! Z Comfort Plus LLC is a small company with a uniquely designed pillow. Designed to be used differently then any pillow on the market today.


Bed pillows are just something under the head. Bed pillows lie flat on the bed and our head rests  on it. Humanoids sleep on there sides, back or stomach. When we are young animals most anything can be used.  Rolled up Levis worked for me in a pinch, till they didn’t anymore.


Pillow supports and our need for an adequate rest for the head and neck changes with age and injury. Muscles complain in the morning or in the night unless our support is juuuuust right! How many wake up and tell you, “I must have slept wrong.” I know I get a lot of this, but then again I’m a non-force chiropractor.


Over the years I wondered if there could be a “special design” that could help most people despite age and injury issues and in most positions find better more comfortable sleep. I only found out later that this special design had to be combined with special use and posture considerations.


The pillow is a “rest” for the head first. At its core a bed pillow holds the head up, keeping it from falling to the side, falling back or front. Normally this pillow rest keeps us from tilting up or down, side to side or rotating left or right. The theory is that if the the loft and support is just right our head will rest in a neutral position. The problem arises. When we sleep and choose to lie in different postures  how do we maintain this neutral position?


This neutral position doesn’t matter to a bony hard head but makes a world of difference for our very flexible neck and shoulders.


According to this  site……………..there are 81 muscles. Yes 81 muscles for the head and neck.


There are 7 neck vetebra and 3 joints on the bottom of each of the 7 vertebra and 3 on the top of each 7 vertebra. Lets see now 7×3=21 and 7×3=21…Thats 42 joints!!! Oh My!


These 42 joints need comfort just like the muscles do but how about all these other structures in the neck. Structures like the cervical discs, or tendons; attaching muscle to bone or ligaments; attaching bone to bone.


Good gracious no wonder there is so much need for comfortable support and the incredible variety of bed pillows promising this support and comfort and I haven’t even started talking about the shoulders.


As I theorized and finally concluded that pillows, to be adequate for most users, for most positions we sleep in, had to be designed differently than what is seen now. The pillow had to move with the sleeper and be a “changling” as seen in the old Star Trek movies. This new design pillow had to conform/change to support various sleep positions and all these anatomical structures.


Memory foam does some of this it is true but my ideal bed pillow had to do so much more. Let me explain. As I sleep on my side, each segment and other structures in my neck  must compensate for the downward pressure of  gravity.  Gravity is a downward force causing the compensatory stretching of some and the contraction of other muscles.  Joints and other structures also must compensate for this force of gravity.


Unless an exacting upward support exists to counter act this downward force of gravity, structures and their ability to compensate will be taxed to their limits and irritation occurs. Irritation builds in time and forces us to change or sleep position. What irritation continues to grow we toss and turn constantly, consistently loosing needed sleep.


Each and every segment, and there supporting anatomical components has to be supported very well.  My second vertebra may need more upward pressure than my 6th vertebra Memory foam gives a consistent force through out the neck vertebra but what I need is a variable force that can only be determined by me for my needs.


My ideal pillow couldn’t just lie on the bed. It had to be micro adjustable by design and by me. It had to adjust to my individual needs for support. All my vertebra and muscles and joints and all those other tissues had to be supported in my way by me so I can sleep with my neck in comfort.


I designed my ideal pillow and this pillow is adjustable and micro-adjustable. It is interactive for my needs and for my past injury and my age related aches and pains. My ideal bed pillow helped is all of this in any posture I choose as long as  I kept ergonomics in mind.



Ergonomic head and neck position suggested by Dr Lee…..for use with the Totillow Pillow design.


“No matter the posture you choose to sleep in, maintain your ears and head, back and in line with your shoulders.”


“Your nose is centered over your sternum/chest bone.”


“Side sleepers as you turn in bed through out the night…. re-position this pillow so that the narrow side is tipped up off the bed and into the nape of the neck to suit your needs.”


“This pillow is used to help correct and maintain your relative  head, neck and shoulder positions throughout the night”


When you understood and use, better sleep postures, consciously and persistently, you may find, not only improved comfort, but a better, a deeper sleep then you have had in years.”


“Now (for those with shoulder complaints and can sleep on their side) try putting your  arm and shoulder under the pillow at different angles to meet your comfort needs. This will slightly stretch muscles that for some lead to pain and discomfort.”

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