Sleep on Your Side for Health

By Dr. Lee Parimuha, DC

Please sleep on your side for improved health and wellness. Which side, take your choice. The first reason to sleep on your side is to help prevent snoring. The second is to reduce the likelihood you will develop sleep apnea. It’s also the best position for pregnancy.

Snoring and sleep apnea are related. The first, snoring, proceeds by many years and may predict and help develop second, sleep apnea. Snoring, especially when sleeping on your back, stretches the soft palate and the tongue, through gravity, moves backward reducing the air passageway. Snoring not only disturbs your partner but over time reduces the oxygen to your brain increasing the likelihood of developing sleep apnea.

Both conditions are related to each other but are increased when you sleep on your back. Back sleeping positions have been shown to increase snoring and sleep apnea. Sleep on your side is a simple solution to reduce snoring and help you avoid developing sleep apnea. If you suffer from GURD or acid reflux disease, sleep on the right side and don’t eat large heavy protein meals late in the evening. Choose to eat a smaller meal at night and have fruit later in the evenings as a snack.

Sleeping on your side your tongue does not block your airways and the soft palate doesn’t fall as it would while sleeping on your back. More oxygen will consistently go to the brain so health and wellness is improved by sleeping on your side.

For better sleep, better oxygen for the brain and other tissues , many agree, sleeping on one’s side is a better sleep posture by far.
Use of supports and pillows are more crucial when you sleep on your side, but better oxygen for the brain and body are well worth all the effort.

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