Better Sleep with Healthy Side Sleeping Postures

By Dr. Lee Parimuha, DC

Totillow Deep Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow Baby ImageThe joy of healthy sleep can’t be underestimated. In our fast paced stressful life a great sleep experience is becoming harder to find.

When was the last time you slept like a baby? I mean, really slept well, waking with new life and mentally, emotionally, physically ready for the day. That’s right. We all are a combination of parts. Like it or not. Believe it or not it’s all about the mental, emotional and physical parts that need to rest. How can we get the rest we need for all parts of ourselves on a consistent basis?

Pain and pain syndromes are the most common reasons for insomnia today. As we age, pain becomes a problem due to the natural aging process. Our hormone levels are only a shadow of what they once were. We experience more pain. We toss and turn trying to find that position where we find comfort. When if we find that position, for many of us, it doesn’t last long and we move again and the search continues.

I suggest finding better ergonomic sleep positions to help reduce your pain and help you sleep. Good posture helps to avoid pain as you work and live, why not during sleep? Of course you can always use medications or herbs or a newer class of ingredients called adaptogens to help you control the pain and help you sleep.

These are all good and can be very helpful but also try this: While sleeping on your side, try to maintain a better posture where your head and neck are positioned so the ears are back and aligned over your shoulders and your neck is not rotated; your nose is aligned over the center of your chest.

Many sleep on their side all curled up. The chin is close to the chest. The back is curled forward like the neck and the ears don’t align well, tilted and rotated to the bed. Traditional head and neck pillows just lie on the bed and we conform to what ever is given. What it needed is a pillow that that we can interact with and suits our individual comfort needs. Having the right pillow is crucial for better postures not only for the head and neck but other body parts while sleeping on our side.

To reduce the pain, improve your sleep postures and add specialty pillows for head and neck, shoulders, arms and leg support and be mindful how important posture really is, even when you sleep.

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