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Finding deep sleep again may include better sleep postures to reduce

muscle, ligament and bone irritation while you sleep.

Our pillow can help!

Please consider the information/videos below to help you understand the “unique use” for our pillow.

Traditional pillows lie flat on the bed, This pillow doesn’t work that way!




Dr. Lee’s “”Deep Sleep Posture”” Bed Pillow

“Our ergonomic, head posture pillow… may help you position your own head, neck and shoulders for longer lasting comfort so sleep comes more easily and is longer lasting.”

 Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C.,

CEO, Z Comfort Plus LLC




Patented Totillow Pillow Design: The Deep Sleep Posture Pillow


                                         Free Shipping Extended!

For Side Sleepers


This adjustable angled pillow allows numerous positions.


Sloping up off the bed, this pillow snugs into the base of your neck for

comfortable sleep.

For a Custom Fit


For a custom fit add or remove fill to relieve neck pain.

When the loft and the angle are just right you should be able to draw an

imaginary straight line from the top of your head to your tail bone.

For Ease of Care


Machine wash, tumble dry low.

Feather Light, under 3 pounds! Perfect as a gift or for travel.

Innovative and Unique


Innovative and unique for neck pain!

Traditional pillows lie flat and people put their heads on them.

This pillow doesn't work that way.

Totillow, Maybe the Best, The Original Side Sleeper Pillow

When the Totillow pillow hit the market in 2007, it was the only purposely designed side sleeping pillow in existence. It’s the original, and maybe the best pillow, for anyone that sleeps on their side. The copy cats don’t get it, and naming a pillow a side sleeper doesn’t automatically make it so.

Pillows have but one function, to cradle your neck in the proper position so you can get a good night of sleep without any pain. Any pillow that causes, or leaves you in pain during or after a night in bed is not worthy of your time. We spend a third of our lives in bed, that’s a lot of time and for some, a lot of pain.

I have used the side sleeper pillow for several months and I am very satisfied with the results. I have chronic back and neck problems, but using this pillow has helped me to sleep well at night with no residual back or neck pain the next morning.

- Richard S. Erbe

Side sleepers have a real challenge. Which is, How to keep the head and neck aligned with the spine all night while sleeping? If your head and neck are not straight and aligned with the spine, they are being torqued for hours on end. This is the cause of neck pain and many neurological disorders resulting from stress to the spinal cord.

Blissful sleep is what everyone wants. Is your pillow torturing you?

Dear Dr. Lee,

I suffered from morning headaches for years and this past year 2008 I decided to get some kind of diagnosis. I went to an MD and found that I had some tight areas and trigger points that were bothering the neck, shoulder and right temporal area. I went to physical therapy and also Googled ‘pillows for stomach sleepers’ and found a video on Totillow and ordered it and started using it immediately, my headaches stopped in one week, I followed the instructions for keeping the neck and head aligned.

I am so thrilled with the pillow!! I have come to a warmer climate for the winter and forgot my Totillow and my headaches returned in 2 weeks because of sleeping on a normal down pillow. I went back to your website and got another pillow for winter and again my headaches are gone.

Thank you,
Irene Ryan Maloney

Take a look at this video to see how the Totillow Side Sleep  Posture Pillow works. There’s nothing else like it.

Notice how she tilts the pillow’s narrow side and pulls it up to the base, nape of the neck. This gives support to the neck and only the pressure you want to apply for comfort . Many other pillows apply more pressure. You must accept what they give you where the Totillow is angled just right amount of support for your individual comfort. Many pillows apply pressure that may put the neck out of alignment. As we sleep the muscles in the neck relax and allow the bones to move about. That is why you want support without pressure. Totillow is the only pillow that does support the heavy head and comforts the neck without putting pressure on the neck.

Here we show position variations for side sleeping posture with the Totillow pillow.

Regardless of how you prefer to sleep on your side, there is a sweet spot of blissful rest that may be waiting just for you. Do you sleep on your side and toss about? See all the variations of how Totillow can be used.

The ultimate side sleep pillow may now be within your grasp. Try it and see if you don’t have the best, most pain free, sleep ever. Some of our customers sleep so well on our pillow they sometimes wake up in the same position they went to sleep in. That is restful, perfect sleep.

Sleep primarily on your stomach? Click here if you are a stomach sleeper.

“What is different about your pillow?” The answer is shown here on our Pillow Comparison page you’ll see how we stack up against the competition. Note; all the competitors pillows put pressure on the neck which can cause misalignment.

For age related aches and pains and sleep issues you’ll find some helpful information on those pages.

I’m a side sleeper so this pillow really works for me. It helps my posture while I sleep. It is the only pillow that doesn’t put my neck out of place while I’m sleeping which is what the other neck pillows did to me. I have one of each in like new condition in the closet because I can’t use them, what a waste. By the way, I use your pillow upside down. It pivots and stays in place perfectly that way. I no longer wake up with a stiff neck or pain which is much appreciated since it’s saving me from having to see a chiropractor for neck problems.

Jay Allen

Now it’s your turn to get this incredible side sleeper pillow and it may make your neck pain history. You may be glad you did.

All the best in sleep,
Dr Lee Parimuha DC
Originator of the Totillow Pillow and Ergonomics of Sleep Principles

As a specialist in behavioral treatment of insomnia, I have researched many pillows and the Totillow is the finest that I have discovered. This is due to its unique shape and the fact that you can change the pillow position in various ways to customize it so it perfectly supports and snuggles your head in comfort. When your head and neck are deeply comfortable, sleep comes more easily.Totillow Deep Sleep Pillow

- Richard Shane, Ph.D.

Developer of the Sleep Easily Method


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