Sleep and Dream Recall

By Dr. Lee Parimuha, DC

I slept well last night and had dreams too. A few at least. I have been in a habit to write dreams down so I can get what the inner dream world is trying to tell me. This dream world, on the inner, is helping me grow spiritually. It helps me emotionally and mentally cope. I awake with an attitude of “I can do it”. “It will be exciting and rewarding learning new things and making them a reality”. I find life is an adventure when I awake this way. Refreshing, like a spring day.

I need to write down what’s happening in my dreams. I don’t know about you but my dreams are important to me and I find that when I take the time and use discipline to get up and write it down I get all kinds of insights.

I discovered last night that it was very hard to get up and write it down. I had not been doing it because I was really getting into getting great sleep. I got lazy is my only excuse. Oh how I love to sleep but dreaming is an important part of my life also.

In the past, as a discipline, I would program myself before I went to bed to wake at night with dreams right as they were concluding. I agreed with myself that I would only wake to the “important” ones. This reasoning and technique not only brought me good sleep but also wonderful time for dreaming.

I feel blessed.

I have trained myself to get up and with my journal on my side table jot down quickly the essence of the dream. This way I got the point, the salient detail, and surprisingly enough there would be a lesson there just for me. Those lessons are another matter but I love to sleep and I love to dream but I need the discipline to get up and write the salient details of those dreams.

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