Sleep, Pain, Hormones and Avoidance of Medications

By Dr. Lee Parimuha, DC

I am over 50 years old now which I understand is the new 30′s. Thank God for this new attitude! I will make this new attitude a big part of my living but at times I feel like I’m older and pain can get in the way of my needed sleep.

I sometimes kick up new irritations to old injuries. A car accident in my youth has created degenerative bone changes in my neck. Not a big problem but I can see it on an x-ray. I have another injury to a shoulder from years ago that bothers me when I lift weight or at other times. Either of these could interrupt my sleep but they usually don’t. I don’t take a medication usually because I’ve learned that some irritation is good for the body so that cartilage is rebuilt and anti-inflammatories get in the way of this very important aspect of healing. So what do I do to guarantee good sleep? I have many things I’ve learned over the years.

Youth is wasted on the young, is an old refrain but still holds a lot of truth. Not to be disrespectful of youth but youth, in general, don’t know how well they have it. I am a bit jealous to be sure. I didn’t know how well I had it either when I was their age.

I now know that hormones that rage in youth are only a shadow of what they were in one’s 50′s. Darn! I knew there was a catch. I didn’t know just what I signed up for coming into this body and suffering the injuries of my youth. I might have been more careful to be sure.

I can and do work on my hormones to help my body produce more and keep what I have in balance. This strategy as well as others I will be blogging about keep my range of pain and irritation low most of the time so I can sleep very well.

I love to sleep. I sleep well so I can enjoy life and the adventure life has become. Hormone maintenance and balance as well as the avoidance of anti-inflammatories help a great deal.

There are so many great ways to improve ones sleep and enjoy life. Stay tuned…

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